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Our fundamental priority if the well-being and education of our student by fostering an ethical, safe, responsible and happy environment to serve their individual needs.

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Who we are



Colegio Cambridge de Monterrey is a bilingual basic education institute committed to excellence in the development of skills, knowledge, attitudes,and values that turn into competencies for our student´s lives, through responsible critical thinking and active innovative holistic instruction, creating a collaborative working partnership between teachers, parents, and students, and solidifying an ethic global conscience.



To be an avant garde and sustainable institution, where the fundamental priority of the educational community is formative (universal values) and nonformative (meaningful learning) instruction, with students that distinguish themselves for being competent in different social contexts, with the efficient and professional collaboration of teachers and the support of parents committed to the general well-being of their children in order to favor educational quality.

Values program

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Honesty, Responsibility, Respect, Self-discipline and Patriotism are our 5 institutional values.

Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning are taught explicitly in our daily program. The goal is to form a tight-knit community in the classroom that allows each child’s maximum potential to be achieved.
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In August 2000 Cambridge School of Monterrey begins its operations with the purpose of educating students based on our slogan: “To be the best we can be”. Our institution started its educative services at our first campus in Mitras.

Our locations

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Paseo de los Leones 648,
Mitras Centro
Monterrey, NL
1257-1910, 1257-1911
Mitras Campus
Monte Everest 128,
Cerradas de Cumbres
Monterrey, NL
Cumbres Campus
Benito Juárez 225,
La Encomienda 
Escobedo, NL
North Campus
Av. Alejandro de Rodas 3000
Dominio Cumbres
García, NL
Dominio Cumbres Campus

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